Battle of Antietam painting
The Battle of Antietam, by Kurz & Allison (1878)

History with Mark Bielski Podcast Fall Schedule

On September 13, 2017 I will be posting a podcast, where I will provide a preview of the historical topics I will be covering on History with Mark Bielski this fall and the experts who will be joining me. To give you a sneak peek of upcoming episodes, following is the September schedule.

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History with Mark Bielski Podcast September 2017 Schedule

September 13 – Preview of the lineup leading into December

Host Mark Bielski provides information on the background of the historical topics he’ll be discussing and the historians who will join him on History with Mark Bielski this fall.

September 20 – Antietam Part I

Gerry Prokopowicz joins Mark to discuss the events leading up to the Battle of Antietam in September 1862. We cover the Second Battle of Manassas (Bull Run) that August, Robert E. Lee’s reasons for taking the Army of Northern Virginia into Maryland and the beginning of the battle.

September 27 – Antietam Part II

Gerry Prokopowicz returns to discuss the battle, its consequences and aftermath and the response from both sides. We include Abraham Lincoln’s writing the the Emancipation Proclamation.

October 4 – Civil War New Orleans: Prelude to Conflict

Mark takes a comparative look at developments leading up to the Civil War and the importance of the city of New Orleans to the Confederacy.

October 11 – General George S. Patton: Early Years and WWII

Kevin Hymel, writer and Patton historian joins Mark to discuss one of America’s greatest generals.

October 18 – Patton Part II: Post WWII

Kevin Hymel returns for a discussion of Patton’s post-war governance in Germany and the actual story of his fatal accident and death.