D-Day Deception

On this week’s episode of History with Mark Bielski, ”Operation Overlord/Deception Plans,” in honor of D-Day, I discuss Operation Overlord, the planning of the D-Day invasion, and the deception operations. This podcast includes excerpts from Dr. Stephen Ambrose’s lectures on WWII.

D-Day, WWII, Allied Invasion, Nazi Germany, Normandy

D-Day Allied Invasion Map

You will also want to listen to my two-part interview with D-Day veteran, Mort Sheffloe (July 12 and 26, 2017 episodes). Last year, Mort traveled with me on a tour and we discussed his WWII experiences in Normandy and Brittany in 1944. Some of the interviews took place while walking the sands of Utah and Omaha Beaches and at nearby cafes.