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Mark Bielski Interviewed on Civil War Talk Radio

I was recently interviewed by Gerry Prokopowicz, host of Civil War Talk Radio, about my new book, Sons of the White Eagle in the American Civil War: Polish Officers on Both Sides of the War Between the States.

About Civil War Talk Radio

Civil War Talk Radio, which airs on Voice America, is a weekly, hour long, internet-based talk radio show. Each week, Gerry Prokopowicz, who is a Professor of History at East Carolina University, interviews leading historians, authors and enthusiasts, on all things Civil War related on his weekly, hour-long show. Topics cover all aspects of Civil War history from the battlefields to the home fronts and features guest experts as well as insights from Gerry, as they discuss the most critical period in Civil War history.

About the Mark Bielski’s Interview on Sons of the White Eagle

As Gerry says during the introduction, “During the American revolution soldiers like Thaddeus Kosciuszko and Casimir Pulaski forged the beginning of historic ties between the United States and Poland. America’s revolution succeeded but Poland was temporarily wiped off the map in 1795 and in the 19th century many freedom-seeking Poles came to the New World as refugees from failed rebellions against their Russian overlords. Some came to stay. Some came with dreams of returning to Poland to carry on the fight. When the Civil War began in America in 1961 Poles living here disagreed on its nature. Was it a fight for independence from an imperial government or was it a fight for freedom over the slave-owning plutocracy? We will learn more about the choices made by nine Polish-Americans and the roles they played in the war from Dr. Mark Bielski.”

Listen to my interview about Sons of the White Eagle on Civil War Talk Radio.