As an historian, author, teacher and former business executive, I understand how important it is to connect with an audience. I have spoken at a variety of historical, educational and business events and functions. I typically speak on topics relating to history and leadership and how the lessons from the past can guide you through the future.


Leadership in WWII: The Essential Qualities

If one had to choose the preeminent figure of WWII, who would it be? The countries involved had political and military leaders of every ilk. Dictators, democrats, monarchs, parliamentarians, autocrats and imperialists—which was most successful? I compare and contrast the men and methods to draw a consensus on who was the most effective leader and why.

The Fall of New Orleans: Lessons in What to Do and What Not to Do

At the start of the Civil War, New Orleans was the biggest city in the Confederacy—larger than Richmond, Charleston and Memphis combined. Additionally, it was the world’s greatest exporting port. It was pure folly that the Confederate leaders did not make the defense of this great city a priority. How did the city plan to protect itself from invasion? From the forts at the mouth of the river to building defenses on land and water, I discuss how the city became helpless while the government siphoned off men and materiel for use in other parts of the South.

Louisiana in the Civil War

Louisiana was markedly different from the other states of the Deep South. Having just become part of the US in 1803, it had developed as a French and Spanish colony with a unique set of customs, laws and language. I discuss Louisiana as it became “American” and developments leading up to the conflict, the war itself and the aftermath.


  • Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Historical Societies
  • American Legion New Orleans
  • Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours Leadership in American History Symposium
  • American Battlefield Trust (Color Bearer Thank You Weekend)


My approach to speaking is to use a more conversational tone. Along with imparting historically accurate knowledge, I incorporate humor and anecdotes, enabling me to easily engage your audience. We all know there was a war and who was president, but what about the spies, the intrigues, the deceptions and the backstories? What about learning about the occasional farcical or comedic decisions made by serious figures and their sometime tragic results?

I tailor each of my topics to your particular group. If there are subjects you’d like for me to incorporate or challenges and goals you’d like for me to address, I am happy to do so. I am also happy to promote your event on my blog, social media channels and History with Mark Bielski podcast if you are interested.


If you would like for me to speak at your event, conference, business, book club or historical society, please contact me at mark@markbielski.com.