Mort Sheffloe Mark Bielski Pegasus Bridge
Mort Sheffloe and Mark Bielski at Pegasus Bridge

WWII Veteran Mort Sheffloe – Part II

Brittany Campaign 1944

Brittany Campaign 1944

For the July 26, 2017 History with Mark Bielski podcast, I am again on location in Normandy with WWII veteran, Mort Sheffloe. Mort resumes discussion of his wounding near Brest, France. He talks about his time in a field hospital then convalescence at a military hospital in England and his return to America at the end of the war. Some of the interviews took place in cafés at Utah and Omaha Beaches.

jeep medical evacuation

Field medical evacuation by jeep.

bloused trousers

Bloused trousers (contemporary) as mentioned by Mort Sheffloe.